Hope exists

To the editor:

Lights at the end of the tunnel are there. As an old white man; I am looking forward to when our country will have racial diversity, more women empowered, and the rights and proper treatment of all humanity will be forefront.

The old power structure is afraid if former minorities get into decision making positions. Hence, gerrymandering, voter suppression, and other tactics to disenfranchise voters whom may put the wealthy and white out of power.

I believe that a mixture of cultures, races, and sexes will serve to enhance our great land and provide a much better representation of the populace that we have. Statistics and population growth projections indicate that the white race will be in the minority in this country in perhaps twenty years. I have no problem with this as we are all humans.

Yet, it seems that the current administration and other national as well as state leaders are putting roadblocks down to eliminate this perceived fear of theirs. It would even seem that these old white men now in power would prefer to roll back time.

Say, take back the women’s right to vote or even prevent them from making their own decisions about their body or personal health. Certainly, if more women were in authoritative positions, they would be far less likely to send their children off to war.

This country was designed to be tolerant, caring, accepting, law abiding, and to have flexibility to adapt to changing environs. If it takes a major change like putting people of color or women or progressive thinkers into power, then I say let it be so.


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