Jesus Christ is truth and hope

To the editor:

I believe this world is being set up for the Antichrist as is prophesied in the Bible. There is so much evil today, with so many people acting as if they are possessed or controlled by evil spirits. Every day someone is either killed by gun shot, hate crimes, Opioids, vaping, babies and children dying at the hands of sick people and many being killed at demonstrations all over the world, this is out of control. Suicide is on the rise, including farmers, children, military people and others; why is this? I believe there is a spirit of hopelessness literally choking the life out of this world. Is this a sign of a very sick society with no hope of it getting any better?

By the way the chip is here, it’s implanted in the skin between the thumb and fore finger. Some are using a chip to start their motor cycles, open doors, buy food and even clocking in at work. Cash is no longer used at some businesses and addiction to iPhones and social media are at epidemic proportion right now. The Antichrist will use these tools to control people and fulfill his world wide domination.

There is truth and hope: Jesus Christ is truth and hope, there is no other. Jesus said: “You must be born again.” (John 3: 3-7)


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