AP is wrong

To the editor:

British and American planes dropped incendiary bombs and napalm on Dresden, Germany, seventy-five years ago (Feb. 13-15) killing 130,000 men, women, and children. The atomic bomb killed 110,000 in Hiroshima, Japan, on Aug. 1945.

An article from Feb. 14 by the AP claimed the death toll in Dresden was 25,000 and that it is wrong to say it was higher. Unbiased historians say 130,000 died.

To stereotype most Germans as Nazi villains and say none were victims deserving sympathy is biased and distorts reality.

The Allies lost their moral superiority, which the USSR never had, wen they became cruel like the Nazis by killing civilians.

Bombing raids b the Luftwaffe don’t justify what happened to Dresden. The article didn’t even say that refugees in that city were fleeing from the advancing Red Army of Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin, our cruel Communist ally.

A Marxist told me it was good that Russian soldiers raped German women “because eighty percent were for Hitler.” That is evil and absurd.

Adolf Hitler lost the 1932 German presidential election to Paul on Hindenburg by seven million votes. Hitler was appointed, not elected, chancellor in 1933 to head a coalition government when no party had a majority in the parliament, the Reichstag.

When Preseident Hindenbrg died in 1934, Hitler abolished the presidency and imposed a Nazi dictatorship on Germany. He was not elected by German voters.

Admiral Leahy of the U.S. Navy condemned America’s destruction of Hiroshima as “a return to the barbarism of the Dark Ages.” So were Nazi atrocities against Jews and the Allied fire-bombing of Dresden. Why condemn some cruel acts of war but not others?