What is going on in America?

To the editor:

What is happening to America? Quoting Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

More specifically, what is happening to Christianity?  Our founding fathers provided freedom to worship for all religions, yet war has been openly declared only on Christianity.

We used to have standards in the past. A Christian’s personal morals derived from the Ten Commandments. The objectionably new “tolerance” pressures Christians to not only stomach perversion but also to comply. For decades this warped tolerance has been festering in America. 

The laws favoring the LGBTQ crowd are being put in place. 

“Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society,” wrote the late D. James Kennedy.

The Bible is not permitted in public schools but prayer mats are used in these same schools by Muslim school children.

Be aware that the National Education Association (NEA) has partnered with the radical pro-sodomy group Human Rights Campaign to form “welcoming schools” in order to force teachers to play along with students’ assumed gender confusion. While rejecting prayer in schools, the NEA encourages book reading at local libraries to support transgender and non-binary youth.

School programs include Teaching Social Activism, mindfulness and, worst of all, multiculturalism, which teaches students to respect other cultures and despise their own. In fact multicultural education legitimizes aberrant lifestyles and different value systems which directly contradict the Bible.  Multiculturalism belittles patriotism and the American culture. Our students may lack reading, writing and arithmetic skills, but they know how to protest social issues and raise havoc.

America’s problems have been festering for decades. The problems are moral, not political. When you violate God’s moral laws, you defy reality. God’s moral laws protect us and our children from disease, addiction, broken families, and death.

Yet we’ve legitimized sodomy, justified willful murder (abortion) and approved cohabitation. Immodest dress and heinous music and entertainment cause no alarm.

Things never will be even near perfect this side of Heaven. But if America is to return to a civil society then Christian principles must be followed again. Give your heart to Jesus Christ, dear reader. John 15:18 says, “If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”

Editor’s note: The Merriam-Webster definition of multiculturalism is: “cultural pluralism or diversity (as within a society, an organization, or an educational institution): a multicultural social state or a doctrine or policy that promotes or advocates such a state.”

It is intended to promote sharing culture, to help create a diverse society, not to despise one’s own culture.


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