DMG was not fair to Bulleit

To the editor:

The Gazette editorial of May 23, 2020, criticizing Prosecutor Brittney Bulleit is journalism at its worst. The editorial demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of law. The personal criticism of Ms. Bulleit is unwarranted, and made in a childish manner which betrays the ignorance of the writer.

In your editorial, you claim that any attorney looking at Gov. Whitmer’s order would immediately realize that Gov. Whitmer’s order violates equal protection of the laws, and since Ms. Bulleit, as the prosecuting attorney, does not share your remarkable insight, she must be incompetent.

I have practiced law since 1986. I had served as district judge from 2009 until I retired in March of this year due to my health. During that time, I had the privilege of working with many prominent attorneys, including two winners of Lawyer of the Year awards, and a state bar president.

I personally was honored to receive a statewide award on behalf of the court for the work of the treatment court team, which I organized and administered. I do not know a single attorney who believes that Gov. Whitmer’s order violates equal protection. In fact, had the writer done even the most rudimentary research, he or she would have learned that the Court of Claims had ruled against any claims that Gov. Whitmer’s order was unconstitutional earlier in the week.

I have known Ms. Bulleit for many years. She has a superb legal mind. She is professional, competent, ethical, and always prepared. I would ask that the Gazette publish this letter with the same eagerness that they published their foolish and arrogant criticism of Ms. Bulleit. She is following and enforcing the law. That is her job, and I’m glad she has the integrity to do it.


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