Rights, responsibilities

To the editor:

Now that more businesses have started to open we still have restrictions to pay attention to. Gov. Whitmer is doing her best to protect our lives, and responsibly return economic activity. The GOP solution now seems to be forget guidelines. Most countries have followed the advice of the Health experts, practiced strict social distancing and are opening back up with reduced risk to population. In addition they provided their citizens with healthcare, extra monthly income, and other social benefits the U.S. didn’t.

Most businesses are doing their best to keep customers, as well as employees, as safe as possible. While shopping at Walmart, wearing a mask is posted, most complied. I was surprised at how many didn’t. It is interesting to note that most of those not following safety guidelines in public seem to be the same ones demanding complete unrestricted opening of businesses. The biggest asset of a mask is protecting others and not spreading virus in public. Not wearing a mask in confined public areas is a violation of the rights of others. Without the community acting for the common good, we don’t have freedom, we have anarchy.

Most of our visitors will come from highly infected urban areas seeking relief from strict restrictions back home. It will be important that all of us demonstrate what we expect from them. Wear a mask in confined public areas. We do not want here what some may be carrying. We should welcome them and their business, but demand respect for our healthy environment and follow guidelines to keep us and themselves safe.

Just consider what many healthcare workers and first responders are going through; long hours, dangerous conditions and unable to be with family at the end of shift due to danger. The death rate for them is rather high in infected cities. It is selfish to ignore guidelines due to perceived inconvenience. Makes what we are missing here seem a little petty.

Law enforcement is on the front lines of this battle. It is unfair to hold them accountable for just doing their job, “protect and serve.” A majority want a measured, responsible economic reentry. Any misuse of government power should and will be addressed in court according to the Constitution. At one point Trump was right; this is a war. Every one of us who is doing our part to protect others and reduce the suffering are warriors. Those whose job is to head to the danger at increased risk to themselves and family are the heroes. Those encouraging reckless behavior, creating more dangerous situations for the heroes to face are just plain ignorant and selfish.


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