Time to support Black Lives Matter

To the editor:

I support Black Lives Matter. It is time to recognize, identify, and eliminate Institutional Racism and our own personal racism. It will lead to what our forefathers intended as a More Perfect Union.

FYI: most black, Native American, Latino, and Asian communities have fewer schools, libraries, activity opportunities for youth, fewer real grocery stores with fresh vegetables and fruit or healthy restaurant options. Most stores in poor locations offer the most expensive health food, and the least expensive high salt, sugar, preservative foods. They have the fewest available mental, physical health, crisis, and counselling services. They have the least square footage of living space, recreational space, and outdoor space. They have NO escape from the stresses of their everyday lives, and due to lack of time, opportunity, transportation and other intentional barriers, are less able to exercise their right to VOTE! They have felt the greatest consequences of overcrowding, poverty, unemployment, poor housing, and the Trump/Coronavirus. Non white citizens have profoundly higher rates of police encounters than whites. Hopeless, and desperate peoples have only desperate action to resort to.


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