Wearing a mask protects us all

To the editor:

I spent a bit of Memorial Day hanging out with an elderly relative who had just reopened her store – a popular tourist attraction on Lake Superior. As the two of us caught up on the past year, each wearing our masks while perched on opposite sides of her new plastic front counter divider, group after group attempted to enter her store without masks.

Almost every time, they were polite, but stood inside the door for minute, supplying this reason or that for not having their faces covered. There body language seemed to say, “if we’re nice and wait just a tad longer, maybe you’ll let us in.”

To them and the readers of this paper who do not wear masks while inside places of business during COVID-19:

I am so glad that businesses are open again.

And so glad that my elderly cousin, who depends on her business for her livelihood, has put in the time and effort to make it safe for her customers.

And… With freedom comes responsibility.

For those Americans who are choosing to enter places of business without a mask on…

You are dodging your responsibility to protect the vulnerable of our community.

And no, science has not firmly made an argument in your favor.

Even if there might be a 20, 40, 60% chance you’re not putting other people at risk…

The odds are still there.

Most of you wouldn’t play Russian Roullette with a gun.

You shouldn’t play Covid-Roullette either.


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