What to make of all the protests

To the editor:

What should we make of the protests going on all over the country? If you observe their ages, they are mostly composed of 20, 30, and 40 year olds. And they vote!

I hope they want what I want: social justice that is in short supply in the capitalistic system as it exists in the United States. There’s a vast discrepancy in the distribution of wealth with the top 1% reaping an excessive amount of the wealth produced on the backs of the workers.

I hope they resent an incompetent president that bungled the approach to the coronavirus, that gave a big tax break to the wealthy 1% and the wealthy corporations, that continuously lies and distorts, that rolls back regulations at the behest of industries that are only interested in profits, calls climate change a hoax, and is interested only in himself and his re-election.

I hope the protesters are tired of too many incompetent police officers that bully any perceived law-breakers, tired of racism, tired of a justice system that favors white Americans and people with the means to hire expensive law firms. And I hope they’re tired of the religious right trying to impose their repressive agenda on the country.

I hope they see social democratic countries succeeding while the United States flounders. I hope they’re tired of the United States bullying its way around the world, and want the flourishing of all regardless of the color of their skin, their ethnicity, or their sexual orientation.


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