Another chance to improve life

To the editor:

In November we will vote again for the United States Senate. Can anyone think of anything the present Senator Peters has done in the past seven years? I cannot. He is one who votes against everything President Trump has done. He is against you, so why would you vote him back in? Even though you were “born a Democrat,” you have the ability to think for yourself, and I’ll bet you are a well-meaning person. The next election may be our last chance to save the country you grew up in and love — America.

John James is an awesome candidate. He is a West Point graduate. It is an honor to just get into this school. He is a veteran, Army Ranger and qualified aviation officer who flew 750 combat flight hours during Iraqi Freedom. He will continue to protect your freedom in the Senate. He lives in Detroit and is a business owner.

Elect him and he will cut wasteful spending, secure our borders, protect our traditional values, the second amendment, the right to life, and religious liberties. This is a dream candidate.

Michigan is a very important state in this next election. Your vote counts more than you think. Remember the name John James. If you vote for him, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.


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