‘Hat’s Off’ to our DMG

To the editor:

Kudos to the DMG for carrying the following news and articles (in no particular order). The “Not Real News” that runs normally in the Monday’s edition on the back of the front page. It covers what the AP and their fact-checkers have discovered to be false reporting, fake video/photo tricks, and lies, or misinformation. Who would do these activities and why? Apparently there are many sick and misguided people in our country. The DMG’s editorials have been shown to let people share their views and opinions while putting offensive words as well as grossly incorrect statements in check. I also enjoy the well-covered history of our area and as of late the expansion of Michigan’s role in the formation of our nation. I would advise people to read good hard substantiated reports and news rather than believe everything in their Twitter feed or on their Facebook. Social Networking contains mainly opinions.


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