Opening schools

To the editor:

Trump’s ineptitude got us into deep trouble with the COVID-19 virus making the United States, a supposed leader in the world, look clueless. Almost everything he does, such as holding rallies, pooh-poohing the severity of the disease, encouraging cities and states to open too soon, not setting an example by wearing a mask, etc., makes the problem worse. The case load and death toll should be half or less than it is now and we know where the buck stops. Republican legislators seem to be spineless and can’t oppose the irrationality of the president.

Unless conditions improve significantly, the schools should not be opened as normal. One of his top allies, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has already said schools will be open all day, every day, come what may. How injudicious is that?

Trump doesn’t have the power to open the schools — this is the job of the states. It’s true that most children don’t get that sick with COVID-19, but they can be carriers. Teachers being in the classrooms every day will be at high risk. And the school children might take the virus home to parents and grandparents.

We must listen to the educators and the scientists to help us determine what to do. We can’t rely on the hunches and crazy ideas of a person who is primarily focused on his own upcoming election and pleasing his religiously conservative base, come what may.


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