Support for Slim

To the editor:

I first met Brian “Slim” McLean when he was a student of mine in religious education class at St. Ignatious Church in Houghton. After I graduated from Michigan Tech, I had a career in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice that spanned over 35 years. I had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions. I always found him to be honest, caring and compassionate. He treated everyone with dignity and respect. I was not surprised that he was ultimately elected Houghton County Sheriff.

I had the pleasure of serving as a Houghton County Commissioner for 12 years. Brian was instrumental in helping us establish the work camp at the airport with state grant money. He was in charge of the Department’s search and rescue dive team. He took an advocacy role for mental health clients, many of whom still cherish his continued friendship. He has always been a proponent of proper training.

Slim is a great family man. He has stayed active in programs for youth. He has donated his time to coaching sports teams including a lady’s hockey team. He has been an advocate for our County Fair. Slim has lived and worked his whole life in Houghton County. He is dedicated to serving his community.

In this environment where police are being treated with disrespect and criticism, Sheriff McLean stands out as a role model and mentor for young officers. His dedication to his work and this community should earn him another term. I proudly endorse him and recommend you vote for him in August.


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