Hope available

To the editor:

At a time when life seems darker than usual, it is normal for folks to be discouraged, afraid and even angry. And as sad and upsetting as the current situation is, there’s no assurance that it won’t get worse.

Many reasons are considered and blamed for today’s many problems. Is there failure as a result of leaving leaving God out of our lives? Is our nation reopening the years of sowing godlessness? The seduction of Christianity? Secular Philosophy and psychology? Pre-occupation on one’s self? ‘Churchianity” — secular religions? Our nation has been promoting homosexuality, adultery, abortion, etc. and trying to remove and belittle true Christian symbols from the public square. Satan is having a “hay day”! Can this continue without consequence? People are ignoring God’s truths. Men cannot solve his problems because he will not recognize their source, which is sin.

There is only one who can give us hope. Hope for today, hope for tomorrow, hope for eternity. His name is Jesus. He’s the one we should caste our ballet for. We need the savior. He is the one who loves us and calls us to repentance. But the major problem is admitting that we are sinners. That’s the Gospel. It has never changed. The church cannot save. Doing good works cannot save. Being a “good person” cannot save. Nothing can save man except the blood of Jesus. God never sends anyone to Hell. A person does it himself by rejecting Christ.

Jesus will return one day — take away (by rapture) His followers and the rest will remain on Earth, linger for much darker days than we are experiencing now. the Bible tells us all about it. In this world of uncertainty, Jesus is our hope.


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