Save local animals

To the editor:

We local animal lovers are very fortunate to have three excellent indefinite stay (no kill) shelters in our area. Not enough praise can be heaped on CCHS in Houghton, OCAP in Ontonagon and UPAWS in Marquette. Their euthanasia rate (the final act of kindness that can be bestowed on a suffering animal) is almost always below 1%.

So, what about ASPCA? It’s impossible to avoid their advertising on any media you choose. I recently asked three simple questions to the ASPCA: 1) How many animals do you typically adopt out? 2) How many animals do you typically take in? 3) What is your opinion on “no kill” shelters? I was told that they would supply me with an answer to these questions via e-mail. That was two weeks ago. Nada.

Not too long ago I watched a PBS special on the ASPCA. According to the special, the ASPCA euthanizes about 60% of the animals they take in and their opinion of “no kill” shelters is that they are horrible. The ASPCA did not dispute any of these statements made by the creator of the special. While the founder of the ASPCA was alive, all shelters were no kill. Soon after his death, that practice ceased. When you want to give financial assistance to a shelter, think long and hard about these facts and decide if you want to support a local, caring shelter or, in my opinion, a euthanasia factory.


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