Candidate needs to grow up

To the editor:

While Mr. Kasieta did not personally make, and says he did not suggest, the call to Jennifer Kelly in March, he certainly was there and could have stopped it.  This is not a prank call made by an immature 13 year old. 

It is a threatening and scary call made in the middle of the night by his friend Matthew Smith, a 23 year old who is a member of the Davison school board of education and also a candidate for Genesee County Commissioner. 

Mr. Smith says “My community knows and trusts me” (MLive.com). His community now knows the real Mr. Smith and should not trust him or his “boys will be boys” mentality,  Would you want someone like that on your school board? He should be sent to the Principal’s office and be promptly asked to resign.

Mr. Kasieta doesn’t think local and state funds should be used to investigate a “prank call” that was made at 1 a.m. He would just prefer to get on with business. All’s well that ends well. 

Hopefully this will not end well for Mr. Kasieta or Mr. Smith. All of their trumpery (yes this is a real word. Look it up) must be put to an end. 

I agree with Commissioner Anderson and the Gazette that Mr. Kasieta and also Mr. Smith should drop out of the race.

Congratulations to Jennifer Kelly on calling their juvenile prank. Both of theses two immature men deserve more than just a slap on the wrist. Let’s hope they both get what’s coming to them.

Mr. Kasieta, I too wish Jennifer Kelly the best in the election!


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