Robin Hood in reverse

To the editor:

Trump said that if reelected he will terminate the payroll tax; he’s talking about bankrupting Social Security and Medicare. He’s eliminating important regulations, to the glee of the Stock Market, that affect the health of the population and the planet. Trump is making a compelling case for his own defeat in November.

This is a completely crazy campaign: to undermine Social Security and Medicare; and this, along with eliminating the capital gains and income tax, is a goal of the extreme Lassaiz-faire libertarians. This is stealing from the retirement and health needs of the people to make up for the administration’s abject failure to contain the virus.

It threatens the health and the economic security of millions of Americans. The billionaires feel it’s not their problem and if you can’t take care of yourself, that’s your problem. They feel the general population are just commodities to be used, and discarded when no longer needed, in order to make millions for the already super wealthy. The top one percent holds over $25 trillion in wealth, which exceeds the wealth of the bottom 80 percent.

This is Social Darwinism in action. Poverty and homelessness in the United States is an embarrassment and it will only get worse resulting in more crime and possible rebellion if things get out of hand. Unfortunately, to the detriment of society, this is unfettered capitalism running amok.

Enough is enough! The incompetence of the president has perhaps caused a doubling of the number of people infected and dying from the Covid-19 virus. He was into early denial of the seriousness of the disease and didn’t learn from other countries successes nor from his medical experts. The response by our inept administration to the virus has made the United States look clueless. The United States has 4% of the world population and 25% of the Covid-19 cases. Disgraceful.

And now with the election coming in a few weeks he is manipulating the postal service to delay mail-in ballots so they won’t get counted. The vast majority of democrats want to use mail-in ballots, while most republicans do not. This is blatant voter suppression and completely un-American, if not criminal.

By using mail-in ballots the public will be safer than going to crowded voting stations, thus saving infections and possible fatalities. But the president is not interested in saving lives, but only in his election by hook or crook, and mostly crook. This man is not fit to be president and must be defeated to make America sane again.


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