Democracy has worked

To the editor:

Thank God democracy has worked. The majority of the American people have recently spoken loudly; President Trump, you are out of office. Your actions (or lack of actions) are the reason for their choice. America’s better angels have examined their hearts and souls and have determined that your loathing, egotistical, arrogant, self-absorbing style may be entertaining, it is also destructive and deadly. So like you said last April, the pandemic will soon just go away, so will you… for real.

So now the country must recover from the lying, divisiveness of the Trump Presidency and Trump’s cronies. It will be a time of a great movement of all people (young and old, Black and white, straight and gay, thick and thin) working together, building a more perfect union, loving the the people you once hated. Realizing that Trump’s entertainment is now history, but our America is united. Power to the better angels of our nature, the real trust builders.

So, Republicans, lick your political wounds for a while and examine your conscience, searching for your own better angels. Are you going to change?


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