Do our votes count?

To the editor:

I am very surprised that no acticle in your paper has occurred regarding the attempt by state Rep. Greg Markkanen and U.P. Rep. Jack Bergman to disenfranchise the voters from our own state of Michigan and three others.

Markkanen and Bergman’s websites both echo the same claims of voter fraud in four states that has yet to convince any court that there is ample reason to believe it may be true, all the court filings have been thrown out including the Texas lawsuit that asked that the votes in four states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania be thrown out, disenfranchising millions of voters.

I have long known that some media platforms peddle disinformation, but I never dreamed that elected officials, in high office would stoop to signing onto what is the most undemocratic effort I have ever witnessed.

The courts have stopped what would have been quite probably the end of our democracy. We have an autocrat want to be in the White House, he lost the election by a whopping seven million votes and yet we continue to listen to him falsely claim he won. What was Rep. Markkanen and Congressman Bergman thinking?


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