Open letter to Bergman

To the editor:

In my career as a pilot and serving with the military, I have spent a lot of lonely moments in different parts of the globe. As an officer with relatively down to earth beliefs, media news from home can sometimes be troubling. Americans are a diverse bunch and sometimes things are said, and things are done in America that go against the grain. In those times, a long way from home, I took pride we have a democracy which gives us the right to say and do and live just about any way we wish, even if I did not agree. That is why I proudly served.

You recently signed on to the Texas lawsuit against the State of Michigan. It was an act which impugns the honor of the people of Michigan. It was a lawsuit which most legal scholars referred to as frivolous. The State of Pennsylvania characterized it as seditious. It is tough for me to finally retire in my Michigan home and hear my congressman signed a document doing more to subvert our Constitution than any other act I can remember.

The Supreme Court gave this lawsuit the fate it deserved, immediate rejection.

Our nation has a lot of troubles needing your attention. I pray you can set your sights on the nation’s problems and resist scurrilous, divisive, destructive lawsuits concocted in Texas.

I personally wish you great success. Let’s get on with the business at hand which is, and always has been, building a more perfect union and a safer world.


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