What next?

To the editor:

Seemingly, Trump is trying to stay in office by using an obscure and never-used piece in Art. 2 which he alone thinks reads, “The sour grapes and sore losers clause”. What a buffoon. People in the know realize his true intentions. While he refuses the peaceful and inevitable transfer of power to Joe Biden, the country’s health and security swing in the wind. Why would he start caring now, right?

The Constitution guarantees Biden to be sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021, at 12:01 p.m. Why in the meantime does team Trump insist on monkeying up the entire country and its laws and protocols? He is a rotten loser who now hates the U.S.A. and wants to destroy the norms, values, decencies, rules, and laws that make democracy work.

A man from Chassell wrote that Biden is a racist. Fact check: The minority vote propelled Biden into not only a huge electoral vote victory; but, also a popular vote victory of about six million. Blacks and Latinos would not vote for a racist. Read Mary Trump’s book, “Too Much & Never Enough”. As a licensed Psychologist (and Donald’s niece), she explains how her family created the world’s most dangerous man. Consider your source. For example, Q-Anon is an extreme right conspiracy group with all bizarre and unproven speak. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are social networking platforms full of lies, hate, and extreme opinions. NewsMax, OAN, etc. are on TV yet are very right-winged leaning even to the point of being misleading. These types are still downplaying COVID-19.

Now, for example, NBC on TV was founded in 1926 (radio at first), I say tried and true as they report all sides of any truthful news story. Trump believes his Twitter feed and Q-Anon conspiracy theorists over his own intelligence and FBI security people. The same Chassell man warned that the dem. left will ruin the country. What crystal ball is he gazing at? No one surely knows the future. But, we certainly know what the last four years have been like. Personally, I don’t ever want to see anything like them again.


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