Salute to school board members

To the editor:

As a local school board member, can you imagine getting an email at 11:30 p.m. on the evening of Thursday March 12 from your district superintendent letting you know your state Governor has just ordered all K-12 school closed beginning Monday, March 16, due to what was to become a pandemic? In the weeks to come, the closer to face-to-face instruction in your district was extended again, and again, and again.

As a school board member in the community, your role is voluntary with little or no compensation. Your role; work collaboratively with your district education team to find a way to provide a valued educational experience for the youth of your community, and helping them to continue to grow both personally and academically. 2020 added unprecedented uncertainty, continuous changes in direction at a state and federal level, increasing levels of anxiety throughout the community, uncertainty in funding support, new and unfamiliar health protocols, and that required extensive creativity to begin engaging all levels of students virtually and safely.

January is School Board Recognition Month in the State of Michigan. I would like to honor the members of Hancock Public Schools Board of Education for their leadership and collaboration with the Hancock Public Schools Education Team during this unique educational experience. Thank you for your dedicated efforts and collaboration with our education team that has led to enhanced educational experiences for our students. You have proven in 2020 that your commitment to that mission is unwavering. Challenges become opportunities, failures become learning opportunities, and successes become celebrations of the growth of our students and community.

If you see these Hancock Public Schools School Board members on the street or in the store, please thank them for their valued service and dedication to our community: Dale Kero, Randy Heinonen, Catherine Jordan, Wendy Chynoweth, Michael Lancour, Rod Paavola, outgoing board member Chuck Paoli, and new board member Steve Koskela.


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