Thank you, WUPHD

To the editor:

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write to thank the employees of the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department for the valuable work they provide to our community. I depend on the Health Department to help me, and all the people of our community, in our efforts to avoid getting COVID-19.

Wearing masks, social distancing, and not congregating in large groups are some of the commonsense ways people can reduce the risk of getting COVID-19. Now we also have the opportunity to get vaccinated over the next few months.

The health department is involved in all these efforts to keep us safe. It is so important to me that I not get COVID-19 and end up in the hospital. I will do everything I know of to stay out of the hospital and keep beds open for people who have accidents, strokes, heart attacks and other medical needs not related to COVID-19.

The people of the WUPHD are working tirelessly to keep us all as safe as possible in this pandemic. This work also helps to support our health care workers and hospitals as they are also working tirelessly to treat people who have gotten seriously ill from COVID-19.


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