A presidential farce

To the editor:

The last farcical act of the former President Donald Trump is when he played the role of Inciter in Chief on Jan. 6 at Capitol Hill. Even in this hideous drama, he failed to fulfill his objective of remaining in power. He lacked the knowledge, planning, and drive of what it takes to mount a successful insurrection. Thank God for this fact.

As I watched the mob take over the Capitol on that infamous day, I could sense the mixed emotions of good versus evil. Some of the rioters were attempting to fight nice, while many released their dark nature exacerbated by Trump’s rhetoric causing death and destruction. Trump does have the ability to excite the evil side of our human nature (demons).

Trump’s presidency was a total farce. There are many examples that could be cited and I will give two. First, when he said that coronavirus cases would substantially drop or even disappear if we would just stop testing. This type of logic is nonsense. It is just like saying if you stop testing for pregnancy, then no more babies will be born. Second, he advised injecting disinfecting agents in to coronavirus patients to fight the virus, a deadly choice.

Imagine, this guy had control of our nuclear missile codes.

What happens to the Republican party now that Trump is no longer in office? I am sure the posturing for political power will be pretty ugly.


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