DMG editorial was misleading

To the editor:

The February 10 Mining Gazette editorial was misleading and the conclusions the editorial tried to make were unconvincing. The DefundBergman campaign is about accomplishing unity through responsible healing. The editorial you published demonstrated you did not watch the press conference, available on the Facebook page, which announced this campaign. You did not reach out to any of the defundbergman members before writing about what our goals and objectives are. You wrote an editorial about something you did not understand and hopefully you will educate yourselves about the true origins, scope and purpose of the Defund Bergman movement. This is lazy journalism on the Mining Gazette’s part.

The way forward in unity for the First Congressional District is for Jack Bergman to own up to his reckless actions. The January 6 attack on the U.S. Capital, left our nation and world in shock at the fact that elected leaders were not willing to accept a democratic verdict. Jack Bergman has yet to apologize for the grave damage to our democratic institutions that his lies contributed to. We in the First Congressional District, including the Mining Gazette editors, have no idea if Jack Bergman is remorseful at all for his treasonous actions. We also have no idea if Jack Bergman agrees with Michigan’s top State Republican, Mike Shirkey, that the murderous raid on the Capitol was “a hoax.” Until Bergman and his supporters admit they were wrong about their “fraudulent election” claims, and until they distance themselves from bizarre conspiracy stories, the political climate will not improve.

Moving forward in unity must first acknowledge the harms that our leaders have done to our democracy. Through his actions, Jack Bergman has insulted election workers, military veterans and police, who gave so much, even their lives, to protect our democratic principles. Jack Bergman, and his financial backers, need to show leadership, bravery and humility by admitting Bergman was wrong to promote a false narrative about the 2020 Election. This is what the people of the First Congressional district are demanding. Shouldn’t this be what the Mining Gazette should be asking for as well?

Editor’s note: For readers looking for more information on the movement referenced in this Letter to the Editor, please see the Monday, Feb. 8, edition of the Daily Mining Gazette.

Christie Mastric of the Mining Journal in Marquette wrote the story titled, “‘Defund Bergman’ campaign begins.” The story originally ran in the Mining Journal on Feb. 5 before running in the DMG on Monday.

The Daily Mining Gazette has not taken an editorial stand on Rep. Jack Bergman’s words or actions in regards to the Nov. 3 election results or his words and actions in regards to the Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol building.


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