Mail service disappointment

To the editor:

As I sit on my sofa on another Saturday evening, without my weekend paper… I write to express my extreme disappointment with the failure of the Daily Mining Gazette to deliver my daily newspaper, via the U.S. Postal Service.

When the Gazette turned to this new delivery method, I re-upped with a two-year subscription to support the future of the paper with the hope that this media source might stay in business a bit longer. It is now clear that the demise of this disappearing format for Keweenaw news has been accelerated with the withdrawal of home delivery.

It is bad enough that I have to wait until the mail comes in the afternoon, but when I go to the post office to find no paper, I am reminded that the Gazette has let me down, again.

This week, I received five out of six papers and three of them were on one day. And, no weekend paper. Weather is not an excuse because it never prevented our home delivery in the past.

All the news I need is available on the internet, but, without the paper, what do I use to light my wood stove?


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