Mob justice is not justice

To the editor:

Watching the impeachment trial, it is very clear that the murderous mob truly believed that they were doing Trump’s work, that he invited them to enter the Capitol, and that he wanted them to stop the counting of the electoral votes, no matter how they had to accomplish that.  I have a message to the murderous mob, which, sadly, includes some of our neighbors here in Michigan:  When you are in legal trouble because of your actions, Trump will not come to your rescue.  When you lose your job, or are shunned by your neighbors and friends, Trump will not help you.  When you lose all your money trying to pay your lawyers, Trump will not pay your bills.  He doesn’t care.  He used you, and now he will disavow you.  

He doesn’t care.  Too bad for you.  He’ll be fine, and you won’t.  


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