Support local health officials

To the editor:

This letter is in support of WUPHD and its employees. It shocks me that healthcare workers are being targeted in the U.P. with death threats for supporting keeping the population protected from a deadly virus.

The per capita infection rate and mortality rate in the U.P. from COVID is among the highest in the world. The economy cannot thrive if more than ¼ of the consumer population and working population is dead from COVID.

There is no coming back from that.

There are many bad actors that are intentionally creating chaos and actively increasing the infection and death rate of U.P. residents and there is no accountability for these actions.

In the U.P., it used to be that if neighbors were in need or distress or ill residents would rally and help each other out. This has dramatically changed in the last four years.

I know we can do better , we need to do better. Please stop issuing death threats against people who are just doing their job and following the law.


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