Michigan Republican’s Legacy

To the editor:

The Republicans have controlled the Michigan Senate since 1992. That’s 29 straight years. Republicans have controlled the Michigan House for 21 of 29 years since 1992. Republicans have controlled the Michigan Executive since 1992 with the exception of the three terms of Governors Granholm and Whitmer. For 14 years Republicans controlled all three branches of the state government.

Why is it that Republicans have been in power for so long, yet our infrastructure is crumbling, wages are stagnant and Michigan is failing? With nearly 30 years of Republican “leadership” what have they accomplished?

Michigan Republicans have eliminated the prevailing wage and implemented “Right to work.” This has led to lower wages and greater corporate profit. They have eliminated local revenue sharing which means less services and reduced pensions, in favor of tax breaks for the rich. After crippling cities by cutting revenue sharing, they implemented emergency management laws. After forcing cities to fail, they used those laws to enable their corporate donors to step in with private contracts and eliminate jobs, cut wages and kill pensions. They are destroying the middle class in favor of corporate profit. Lower wages means less spending, a crippled middle class and economic stagnation. Extracting Michigan’s wealth from Michiganders is the Republican legacy.

All of these are Republican policies, all meant to hurt workers and enrich corporations. Look around you – how are your friends and family doing under 30 years of Republican “leadership”? Blaming Governor Whitmer and Democratic legislators for Michigan’s problems is a distraction. Republican efforts to undermine public health initiatives that keep people safe is a myopic political ploy, and now they’re attacking your voting rights.

Before casting blame for Michigan’s failures, remember who has been in charge of our state for the last 30 years.


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