Why is the left so mean?

To the editor:

If they didn’t have double standards, many people would have no standards at all.

Consider the Russia Collusion delusion promoted by Donald Trump’s enemies during his presidency. We were told a big lie, that Russians helped Donald Trump win the 2016 election by vote fraud.

Now, it is considered political here say, to say that vote fraud helped Joe Biden to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. People have been condemned and punished for saying that.

Jim and Mary O’Reilly of Vermont had weddings at their inn until they were fined $30,000 in 2010 for refusing that service to a same-sex couple.

In Iowa, Betty and Dick Odgaard were fined $5,000 for not permitting a same-sex couple to have a wedding at their art gallery where weddings were held. The Odgaards are devoted Mennonites who refused to violate their religious beliefs.

Left-wing politicians persecuted the O’Reillys, Odgaards and others for their beliefs in the sanctity of traditional marriage. However, leftists who control social media (Facebook, etc.) are free to ban conservatives from expressing their political views on the internet.

Left-wing news media have distorted the First Amendment’s freedom of the press into freedom to suppress the truth.

The Associated Press mislabeled the Pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Jan 6 as an “armed insurrection,” which it was not.

An unarmed woman – a Trump supporter – was shot to death by a cop at that rally. He will not be prosecuted and her death received very little news media coverage. Leftists expressed no sympathy for her. Her life does not matter?

The ideals of non-violence and racial harmony expressed by Martin Luther King Jr. are mocked by the people who claim to honor him. They condone Black Lives Matter violence and stereotype people according to their race as victims or oppressors.

Editor’s note: The Associated Press, along with multiple other news sources, correctly referred to the crowd that descended upon the Capitol on Jan.6 as armed, given that arms can be anything from pepper spray to semi-automatic rifles to flag poles.


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