Thank you DMG

To the editor:

I am writing in support of a free press. The Copper Country needs the Daily Mining Gazette more now than in the 88 years I’ve been alive. It appears we are entering an era when Democracy and freedom of the press are in danger. As such, last week we renewed our Gazette subscription for a full year.

Recently my wife and I watched Thunder Bay’s public television hour-long documentary on Mussolini and the growth of fascism. He initiated modern fascism. He was prior to Hitler and the model for our current authoritarian regimes.

The accent of the documentary was that we ignore the progress of fascism at our peril.

You’re aware, I’m sure, of the steps: namely, accuse government of not being capable, create an enemy, set yourself up as the “Savior,” develop a support group of ruffians in brown shirts, undercut the basics of voting and the freedom to critique the leader, saturate the media with your personal importance, have the brown shirts lead a march on to the capital at Rome, etc.

Italy is currently facing such reoccurrence. The hometown of Mussolini is increasingly becoming the center for far-right groups in that country. Here in Michigan, we have witnessed the militia threatening our governor and marching on Lansing. The number of military veterans involved in the insurrection on January 6 is alarming. The refusal of Congressman Jack Bergman and Rep. Greg Markkanen to certify our 2020 vote and their refusal to apologize scares me.

Elements of Fascism are alive in the UP. We need a free Gazette to equip us with information.

So, thank you for your ministry to America. Thank you for setting things straight in your “Not real news” column. Thanks for pointing out truth when letters to the editor contain only half of the story. Keep up the good work. Your ministry is critical for America’s survival.


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