The Big Lie

To the editor:

I want to add my two cents worth to last Saturday’s letters responding to Erik Kiilunen’s earlier letter addressed to State Sen. Ed McBroom. Kiilunen called for an “independent third party” audit and tokened voting irregularities to a slow spreading cancer.

In fact, the Big Lie that former President Donald Trump won the election is the cancer that needs to be eradicated.

An audit organized by Republicans, who control both chambers of the Michigan Legislature, is unlikely to be independent. Besides, it is not necessary.

The election wasn’t even very close. President Joseph Biden won by a comfortable 3.28% margin (154,188 votes). Bipartisan boards of state canvassers and election reviews have reinforced the outcome.

Mr. Trump’s legal challenges have either been withdrawn or denied. Sen. McBroom’s Senate Oversight Committee concluded that there was no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud. Even if irregularities existed, 154,188 votes are a lot of votes – the equivalent of 94% of total U.P. ballots cast for the two candidates (163,600).

An audit would also be very costly. The Cyber Ninjas’ Maricopa County (Arizona) fiasco audit is estimated to cost at least $5 million – funded from private support and Maricopa County funds to replace tampered voting machines.

The logistics of a Michigan audit would be more daunting – 83 counties and about two and a half times more ballots. It would cost multiples of the one-county Arizona audit.

Let’s stop the nonsense that Mr. Trump won. The ship has sailed. The election was over more than seven months ago. It was certified and its electoral votes cast for President Biden. There is no legal or Constitutional remedy to reverse these results. President Biden will be in office until the end of 2024. “Independent third party” opinions will not remove him.

And I also agree that it is inappropriate for Mr. Kiilunen to publicly call Sen. McBroom or any other elected official “instruments of Satan.” They are just doing their jobs. Don’t vote for them next time around if you dislike their actions.


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