Who are we going to call?

To the editor:

Adolf Hitler knew the dark and unspoken doubts, fears, and demons dwelling in the hearts of the dispirited German people after WWI. Imagine, the most educationally and scientifically advanced nation on Earth suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of a ragtag, last-minute alliance of nations including the American “mongrel” nation.

Germans, much like Americans, are not particularly good losers. Post-WWI Germany was a hot mess; a rolling disaster spiraling into oblivion. The once proud nation experienced near complete social, political, and economic collapse on every front.

Although the term hadn’t been developed yet, Germans were experiencing what we might call today profound cognitive dissonance; they literally couldn’t believe their eyes. Deutschland Uber Alles had become Germany over nobody and the Germans just couldn’t stand it. How did this happen? Who should be held to account?

An imprisoned psychopath named Adolf Hitler wove a fanciful tale to explain to the despondent German nation that the Homeland collapsed not because of some failing of the great German people, but because of the corrosive influence of German Jews and a corrupt worldwide network of Jewish vermin that secretly controlled the wealth. He wrote that the Jews and the communists were poisoning and diluting the German master race and that these invasive interlopers must be identified and exterminated if Germany was to renew her rightful place as the greatest nation on Earth.

Hitler even promoted the virtues of an imaginary superior race called the Aryans to lend credence to his claim that Germans deserved the best because they were descended from the best. The broken German people ate this baseless, intoxicating swill up; couldn’t get enough of the flag waving, goose-stepping, death-wielding storm trooper stuff. Then, WWII.

Once, again, another ragtag alliance of nations, including the American mongrel nation, had to temporarily put the monster back into the crypt.

Fast forward to today. Normally rational people are, once again, fabricating boogeyman stories about mysteriously stolen elections, space lasers, pedophile rings and a host of other baseless conspiratorial tales. Once again, those whose means of making a living have been increasingly marginalized by globalization, automation, immigration, and overpopulation are imbibing the swill of a master political manipulator and quietly gearing up for battle.

Who we gonna call to help when it is the mongrel nation, itself, that succumbs to these baseless lies and false promises?


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