Disrespect for the flag

To the editor:

I’m seeing some upside down U.S. flags in the area by folks claiming to be “patriots.”

These same “patriots” scream about the dreaded Antifa. Antifa, of course, is just a contraction of anti-fascist.

You know, much like all of the brave heroes who fought, and in many cases died, in order to help save the world in WWII.

I mean that war was against fascists.

Now these folks would never have the courage to say they are pro-fascist, but if they are so violently opposed to anti-fascists and think nothing of spitting in the eyes of those who served with their disrespect for the flag, the very sort of thing these same folks took issue with a former NFL QB doing not long ago. Their loyalties are as clear as day.

The very same “patriots” who cry my body, my choice, when it comes to a mask or a vaccine, but we see how fast they turn hypocrite there as well don’t we.

Did your grandfather fight in WWII? Great-grandfather? The next time you hear someone s-talk about how anyone Antifa is trash, that’s your family they are talking about. And that is literally the fascists like WWII Italy and Germany they are openly saying they side with.

Might do us well to open our ears and listen to them. They are telling us who they really are. They are today’s fascist with zero patriotic feelings toward this country and a desire to only watch it burn and install a fascist regime. Turn those flags back the right way “patriots.”

Looking at you Lake Linden, you are the hub of this trash. Or just put up the swastika and take the mask off already as you are fooling no one.


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