Get the vaccine

To the editor:

Got polio? No? How about smallpox? Diphtheria? Tetanus? No? Why not? Because you were vaccinated!

Thank your parents if they made sure you were protected from these diseases that killed and crippled many people in the past.

How quickly we forget.

However, there were no social media, Faux News, Tucker Carlson, or Qanon conspiracy theories back then.

Like everyone else, I was tired of the pandemic, tired of the restrictions and worry, and so I was thrilled when the vaccines became available. It was such a relief to get mine. Finally, a light at the end of the tunnel!

We were so done with COVID. However, turns out COVID was not done with us. Now, we are experiencing a surge of cases all over the country.

Some states are experiencing full ICU beds in their hospitals, and even have to ration care. Younger folks are filling those beds, and our children are affected too.

This isn’t a political issue; it’s not a religious issue, it is a public health issue. The virus doesn’t care who you vote for or where you go to church or how old you are – the virus is an equal opportunity killer.

Those who cry, “But my freedom!” are missing the point. If you get the virus, you can pass it on to others. If you have to go to the hospital, you may be taking a bed from someone who is having a heart attack or a stroke. And this is so unnecessary.

We have the vaccination that is available and free. It can protect us and our loved ones. Don’t believe me? Look up Veronica Wolski, Tristan and Dusty Graham, Laura Loomer.

I am so done with those who refuse to be vaccinated. I don’t want to shop with them, or eat with them, and if I need health care, I don’t want to be taken care of by them.

Recently, an anti-vax woman told me to stay away from her, because, being vaccinated, I was “shedding”, whatever that means. I told her I wasn’t a dog. Of course, she believes that Democrats eat babies, so I wouldn’t put too much stock in her medical opinion. There’s so much misinformation and foolishness out there; if you have questions or concerns, ask a real doctor. And keep in mind, hospitals, schools, and businesses are responsible for the safety of their customers, students, and employees. Be patient and understanding. We can get through this.


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