Mr. Geshel, we wish you well

To the editor:

Dillon Geshel is a visionary leader. Director of the Portage Lake District Library since 2015, he has turned it into a happy, thriving center of the community. His staff look forward to coming to work, and library patrons flock to the library to find books, magazines and DVDs, use computers and enormous digital resources, attend public programs, and instill a lifelong love of reading and learning in their children.

During the COVID pandemic, Dillon has kept the library functioning and on course, handling closures, mask mandates, program restrictions and other obstacles thoughtfully and gracefully.

Now he is moving on. He has accepted a position as director of the Superiorland Library Cooperative, an umbrella organization that provides resources, technology support, continuing education, advocacy, marketing and programming for libraries throughout upper and northern lower Michigan, including ours. As the library cooperative director, he will still be supporting PLDL as we move forward.

We are sad that we are losing him–and thrilled for Dillon, who has more than earned this exciting opportunity.


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