No cause for complaint

To the editor:

The other day while shopping, I saw an unusual number of empty shelves and the items I purchased were more expensive than they had been earlier in the year. When I got to the checkout line, the person in front of me was emptying a cart piled high with merchandise and complaining about the broken supply chain and higher prices for which the shopper blamed the government.

The supply chain is privately owned and managed. It is broken because businesses and corporations failed to prepare for the robust consumer demand that is being fueled by record low interest rates, stimulus money, job growth and rising wages. Employment is at a pandemic high, unemployment is at a pandemic low. Current inflation is the the sign of a booming economy. One sector that seems to be keeping up with demand is the sector that rents storage for all the stuff consumers are buying. Why is it that the more some people have, the more they complain?


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