Nutritional awareness

To the editor:

I commend Dr. McClean for his nutritional awareness

The subject and the disinformation about Dr. Kilmer McCully in his 1969 book: The Homocysteine Theory of Arteriosclerosis, has been going on since that time, with the pharmaceutical laughing at Dr. McCully, when he approached them and they ridiculed him! All of the cholesterol medications they have sold were greed based, in my opinion, just like Purdue Pharma and their 30+ years of telling doctors that their opiates were not addictive!

At the same time in the 1960’s, the sugar industry had a campaign with “paid off” scientists to blame animal fats for cholesterol problems. This continues with sugar replacing good fats in all types of foods, then deceiving people with the fat free mantra! The epidemic of obesity and diabetes in our younger population is only going to get worse if unaware parents continue to feed their kids sugar-laden drinks, processed foods and become more and more sedentary!

I worked and retired from working in mental health, and read Dr. McCully’s book many years ago, and saw the connection to homocysteine, amyloid plaques in the brains of dementia/alzheimer patients from other research I read.

This long history of greed related to fast, processed food, has been perpetrated by a monied, unethical, ammoral, elite class that consider the working class to be an expendable commodity to be exploited for their own gain, without legal consequences, since they control the legal system!


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