Big Pharma problems

To the editor:

In recent weeks, we have seen what appears to be Biblical ignorance, and scriptural misquotes on everything from abortion to taking or refusing to take the mRNA Big Pharma “vaccine.”

Any minister of the Judeo-Christian faiths should be familiar with the quote (from Job?), “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Even godless science has proven that life begins at conception, based on information of a new and unique DNA set.

Can any of you ministers come forward and state what the fate is of those shed innocent blood? Is it true that all three Big Pharma companies used aborted fetuses somewhere in their development of this “vaccine?”

Dr. Robert Malone recommended not getting it as it is too dangerous. One of these doctors, Dr. Karen Kingston estimates that 70 to 95% of those “vaccinated” will be dead in three years. Can she be right? Also, when people are counseled and refuse to take the “jab,” doctors are still paid by the government and the patient is given an ID number.

Getting back to obeying civil authorities “as God” only applies if those authorities are in line with God’s laws. Remember what Peter told the Roman court. He refused because he must first obey God rather than men.

Finally, the 60 billion dollar question is why, if both the Russian and Chinese armies are using conventional and non-mRNA vaccines, is that not available to members of our own armed forces and our general population? Perhaps there isn’t a dime’s worth of profit for Big Pharma in much safer, conventional vaccines.


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