Republicans exploiting Democratic weaknesses

To the Editor:

I’m finally zeroing in on why some people are willing to embrace the “big lie” even at the risk of imperiling American democracy.

People on the left tend to argue as though there’s nothing more important than the fact that American citizens get to go to the polls and freely choose their governmental representatives.

People on the right have been increasingly embracing the idea that winning elections is overrated so long as you can figure out how to get your way, even when you lose the stupid election.

Republicans have been aware that demographics have not been trending in their favor for at least the last 70 years. If winning popular votes through national elections isn’t in the cards for you, you change the game.

You deny President Obama the privilege of having his Supreme Court nominee even considered (too close to the election) while you ram through your own nominee onto the Court (even though early voting was already underway).

Can’t win a national election? No problem. Just claim that only when your side wins is the election legit. Democrat got elected? No way. What a clever scheme. Who’d be stupid enough to believe that?

No doubt, Democrats bring their own challenges. If you get three Democrats in a room, they’ll have 48 differing opinions each of which they’ll be willing to die for.

Republicans are very skillful at exploiting each of the myriad divisions inherent in the diverse Democrat tent and pointing out the inconsistencies among them.

Guaranteeing women the legal standing to exercise their reproductive rights by appealing to the constitutional right to privacy was a very creative legal “weasel move.”

It temporarily got the job done without requiring a new amendment to the constitution. Same goes for the similar constitutional “cover” provided for same-sex and interracial marriage.

Lose both houses of Congress? No problem, the filibuster will buy you some time and keep the Dem hounds at bay. If Mitch and the boys ever get the tiller fully back in hand, it’ll be “bye bye filibuster” and “hello my way or the highway.”

Republicans have learned to hold their noses and maximize the ever dwindling vestiges of their power.

Maybe it’s time for Democrats to prioritize and winnow down their wish lists and to prepare to fight in the trenches before it’s too late.

The next election could just be “game over.”


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