Nikki Haley in 2024

At last, we have a clear, definitive, sensible choice in the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, a chance (maybe the only one) to restore our national and international political landscape to a sense of dignity, stability, respect, intellectual decisions, civility, as well as combating the disastrous decisions that have all but foundered our “Ship of State” upon calamitous shoals.

I refer to Republican Nikki Haley, by far the most cerebral and qualified candidate for the White House in 2024. She is thoughtful, well-informed, experienced, strong enough to stand up to our nation’s (and the civilized world’s) many enemies, and very capable of addressing the many forms of crisis, concerns and adversities we have allowed ourselves to fall victim to. Become familiar with her stance on the issues. We cannot afford the sheer incompetence of Joe Biden and pretty much all of the Democratic Party and their followers, who have made very few intelligent decisions (but many destructive ones) in years. Nor can we afford the unbridled audacity, the bombastic loose-cannon rule by arrogant attitude, whim and temperament of the vindictive Donald Trump. We’ve had Carter, Clinton, Obama, Trump and Biden, each bringing incompetence, naivety, shame, and ridicule to our nation. Serious past politicians like Lincoln, Reagan, McCain and Teddy Roosevelt — would spin in their graves! No more!

Haley comports herself with grace, thoughtfulness, poise, clarity and strength and understands the issues across a wide field. She knows what actions must be taken. We can make America decent again. We can make the voter intelligent again. After all, they allowed these “leaders” aforementioned to get into office so “you the voters” deserve some of the blame. Let’s become informed, address intelligently our problems with illegal immigration, illegal drugs, rampant crime, trade, the energy sector and the economy … use the present to look to the future in a coherent way. Frankly, I’m proud of our flag, but not the way some of us have stood under it. Let’s restore our ability to salute it with honor as it deserves. Politicians should earn their rank through intelligence; they do not become intelligent through rank after the fact. Consider former Governor/Ambassador Nikki Haley in 2024.

James Gau



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