The trouble with sewage lagoons

Greenhouse. What is it? A building, lots of light, moisture (water), plants and soil (mixed with waste or manure). That manure is usually from the farmer’s cow. This gives off gases: hydrogen sulfide (odor), methane (hot burns by the sun), ammonia (burns and kills leaves), carbon dioxide (rock salt), sulfur dioxide (acid rain) and nitrogen oxide (atmospheric pollutant, suspected of greenhouse effect and warming).

Held inside the greenhouse building, the plants need some gas, then give off other gas needed by life and the atmosphere. In nature, the rotting of leaves and branches, wetlands and swamps give off this gas. Sewage lagoons give off this same gas.

Sewage lagoon systems – 1,400,000 in the state of Michigan – and they built this same type of system all over the world. I told a scientist some time ago that these were causing tree die-off, sickness in people and an off-balance in the atmosphere. Right away, the scientist said, “Oh, greenhouse effects.” It took some time, but now, the scientist agrees with me.

Now it seems as if others are blaming other things, instead of the true reason for the problem … sewage lagoons.

Watch my sewage lagoon video on YouTube with wordpress.com, and let people know about it.

Lawrence Corrigan Sr.

Lake Linden


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