Don’t trash the Keweenaw

Recycling in the Copper Country is suffering from its success. The Waste Management Recycling Drop Off and the County Transfer Station, as well as the Marquette Sorting Facility are having infrastructure issues. They are overwhelmed by the volume of recycling generated in the area. Waste Management is not able to handle the amount of recycling with the equipment and personnel currently available. There is, at this time, no information about whether or when Waste Management will expand their capacity to handle the growing volume of recycling being diverted from the landfill.

As well stated in a Letter to the Editor written by Deborah K. Frontiera, published Thursday, Sept 14, Township residents who bring their recycling to Waste Management in Houghton often have often found that the facility is closed because all the bins are full. The Houghton County Transfer recently limited their recycling to Wednesdays only and if the bin is full, that facility cannot accept recycling. The issue is compounded because recyclers are failing to flatten cardboard boxes which take up too much space in the bin when they are not flattened.

As Ms Frontiera suggests, recycling drop off bins in the Calumet/Laurium and Lake Linden areas would be a great convenience. A survey, several years ago, conducted by the Copper Country Recycling Initiative, indicated that there was interest in recycling outside Houghton and Hancock and that people are willing to pay for recycling. Clearly, improvement in the current programs is insufficient. Please let your elected officials know that improvements are needed. The current system is not functioning. We don’t want dumping in the woods. DON’T TRASH THE KEWEENAW.

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