Faith Perspective: The problem with lack of commitment

The subject is “A Church without God.” I would assume they don’t mean a Christan Church that teaches and is committed to living in accordance to the teaching of the Bible, the written Word of God. The Bible is very clear on what should be accepted and what needs to be rejected in the Christian Church. We are instructed to be all in one accord but because man created religion many Churches today have gone their own way. What a mess.

The Church that Jesus Christ created from day one of the movement as a body of born-again believers filled with the Holy Spirit eager to spread the good news about the Kingdom of God. They didn’t need a fancy (church) building, rock band or long robes and funny hats. They didn’t need a prayer book or string of beads to pray, they poured their hearts out to God in prayer. The movement was so strong it spread like wildfire over the whole earth. Today, it’s really falling apart.

I know why Christianity is falling apart. There are too many false gods in our world today, people can worship and (feel good and fuzzy) without any commitment. Social media and loneliness isn’t helping the problem either.

In a marriage, commitment has to be as important as love for it to work; that’s why so many couples are shacking up rather than being committed to one person. In marriage it’s no longer me but we, when children come along it’s no longer we, but us. In today’s world, it’s about me “I’ve got mine, to hell with the rest of the world.” The gods of power, wealth, entertainment and self-image (look at me and my stuff — how great I am) have taken over.

True Christianity is like a marriage. We surrender our lives and will to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We live our lives following the instructions he gave us in his Word. We don’t do it in fear of punishment or separation from God’s love, if we fall short. We are no longer under the Old Testament law but we live by the grace of God. Jesus paid our sin debt in full. Like in marriage, we do what is good and pleasing to our mate because we love them and are committed to serve them.


Jack Sprietzer



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