A most unsatisfactory weekend of football

As football weekends go, this past one could only be described as most unsatisfactory.

First off, the bowl season started off Friday night with Michigan blowing a game against Florida State.

After struggling almost the entire game, UM finally took a lead with two minutes to play.

But the Wolverines kickoff man, after blasting kicks deep into the end zone all night, left one just a little shy.

The Seminoles return man, hesitant at first, brought the kick back to the Michigan 28-yard line. All of sudden, FSU was in great position to score a touchdown and win the game.

You can bet that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh will make sure he has a kicker next season that can routinely put the ball out of play on kickoffs.

Michigan’s showing was actually among the best by the Big 10 (now called the BIG) that were put out in a rather desultory showing.

Ohio State showed it had no business being among the Final Four candidates after being booted around by Clemson.

The Buckeyes can only be thankful they didn’t have to play Alabama. I thought that Washington probably could have beaten Ohio State.

As for Alabama, they might as well get the national championship awarded to them. Coach Nick Saban has an absolute football factory going on down south.

If you doubt that, look at the size of the linemen they trot out. They make the opposition look like high school teams the difference is that apparent.

As for the NFC North showdown between Green Bay and Detroit, it was, in the words of a popular Motown hit, “It’s The Same Old Song.”

There was Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers outfoxing the Lions defense time after time with his scrambling runs in key spots.

And when it appeared the Lions had a legitimate shot at rallying late, Rodgers dusted off his familiar “catch the opposition with too many men on the field” trick.

Instead of giving up the football on downs, the Packers had a reprieve and made the most of it.

To be perfectly blunt, Green Bay has a smarter team than Detroit. And that includes the coaching staff.

Now, next Packers opponent New York, is a solid team with solid coaching. It could be that Lambeau’s Frozen Tundra will be the difference.

As for the Lions trip to Seattle this weekend, they may as well mail in the result. It’s not that the Seahawks are clearly a better team, it’s that they’re a smarter one.

And that can make all the difference.