The B1G 10 is facing major issue

The lessons learned in the past apparently didn’t stick with some B1G 10 coaches and athletic directors.

The conference, which I liked better when it had just ten teams, is facing problems bigger than wins and losses.

One only has to look at the scandals at Ohio State and Maryland this year, as well as the mess at Michigan State a year ago.

Ohio State goes into the season with head coach Urban Meyer facing the possible loss of his position because of ignoring the protests of one of his assistant coach’s wife.

The wife, who had complained of being physically abused, told Meyer’s wife of the activity. She relayed the information to Meyer, who took no direct action.

The case, while not being in the same class as the crimes of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, should have been reported to university officials.

The Sandusky mess, which had gone unreported for many years, eventually ended up tarnishing the legend of Joe Paterno. It also ended up in his dismissal as coach.

All universities — not just those in the B1G 10 — should have taken notice of the consequences of the Sandusky case.

Maryland football coach D.J. Durkin was put on administrative leave after details surrounding the death of one of its players came to light.

Freshman Jordan McNair died of complications from heat stroke last spring after he was forced to run several 110-meter dashes.

McNair, a 6-foot-4, 325 pound lineman, was reportedly being punished for not completing a part of the drills being directed by an overzealous strength and conditioning coach.

Anyone who has ever competed in athletics is aware there is always going to be a certain amount of discipline from coaches. You can’t expect to get better unless you make some sacrifices.

But real good football coaches know when to let up in hot weather. McNair had a body temperature of 106 degrees when he was taken to the hospital from practice.

Will these kind of practices ever cease? Not as long as you have coaches who put winning above everything else.

Hopefully, the above incidents will help to reduce physical abuse at all levels.


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