It’s time: Lions and Stafford need to part

It’s a well-known fact that statistics are good for reading and talking about.

But I think late Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi hit it right on the head.

“Statistics are meaningless.” Lombardi once said. “The only statistic that means anything are wins …. and losses.”

That’s why Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions need to part ways as soon as possible.

Sure, Stafford has impressive career stats (over 30,000 yards and numerous touchdowns).

But the only stat that really counts is his under .500 career mark.

Since being acquired as a No. 1 draft pick, Stafford has been paid like a superstar. His salary is right up there with Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers – the widely acknowledged super quarterbacks of of the National Football League.

The blunt truth is that Stafford could not carry the jock strap of either one.

Granted, he has played with a truly dysfunctional team in the Lions, who are noted for their poor drafts, poor trades and just poor all-around judgement.

But this season, with a chance to turn things around early in the season after unexpected wins over New England and Green Bay, Stafford came up with two clunkers in losses to the Rams and Vikings.

He has shown indecision in the pocket, leading to ten sacks against Minnesota. Half of those sacks could be attributed to him hanging on to the ball too long.

But the worst thing I can say about Stafford is that he has shown little leadership.

Unlike a Drew Brees of New Orleans, he shows little spark on the field. Brees has broken just about every significant passing mark, and he still plays with an infectious enthusiasm that carries over to his teammates.

Is there a market for Stafford and his huge salary? I say yes and point to his home state of Texas.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is so frustrated – and desperate – for another Super Bowl, he would sell all of his oil wells and real estate to get one.

Of course, the Lions would need to get a couple of good offensive linemen in return and some draft picks.

But it could done with just a simple phone call, believe me or not ….


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