Inept NFL messes up again

One can only guess what sort of blunder the National Football League will come up with next.

By adopting rules, many with out any logical explanation, the league is ruining a sport that was once at the top of all professional sports.

It was bad enough when the league couldn’t decide what was a pass reception (see the Calvin Johnson Rule) was or was not.

Or all but took away kickoffs (the most exciting play in the game).

Now, the league can’t even explain why a flagrant penalty is not called in a crucial game.

The non-call not made in last Sunday’s Los Angeles Rams-New Orleans Saints NFC title game, was without doubt, the worst ever made in a game of that magnitude.

Not only was the Saints receiver blatantly interfered with, he received a helmet-to-helmet hit that should have been called.

The league has made much of declaring the helmet contact rule was needed as a safety measure this past season. Yet, they blinked this time.

Sure, the NFL officially announced Monday that the play was a blown decision by the refs present. Heck, there was a zebra standing just a few feet away on the play and he swallowed his whistle.

Can the league declare the play never happened and do it all over again this weekend? Not going to happen.

In an age of where the truth has been lost at practically all levels, football isn’t going to declare an amnesty on the truth and make it happen.

If commissioner Roger Goodell and his cronies in New York put their heads together and insist on a replay for the blown non-call, maybe the other sports can do likewise.

I can tell you one thing for sure. If that play had happened to the Dallas Cowboys, owner Jerry Jones would have insisted — and received — a replay on the spot.

It would have taken just one call to New York ….