Lions, Packers face big draft

As far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early — or too late — to talk football.

And the next big day for fans of the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions is coming up later this month with the annual college draft.

The Packers showed definite signs of breaking down last season. Not only did their record, 6-9-1, take a fall, they ended up making quarterback Aaron Rodgers most unhappy.

Rodgers, conceded as a Top 5 quarterback in the league and an almost certain Hall of Fame pick, openly criticized teammates for sometimes lackluster play.

And he has continued to be critical of the team in the offseason, not even meeting with new coach Matt LaFleur for some time.

The Packers have taken a few steps to get better in the free agent market notably signing Adrian Amos and Ja’Darius Smith.

But the Pack will need help in the pass rush to make up for the loss of Clay Matthews, who signed with the LA Rams in the offseason. Davis will help there.

Rodgers will also need some extra receivers if he is to regain his form of the last few years, and Green Bay probably will go in that direction in the draft.

Lions’ coach Matt Patricia has signed up as many former New England players as he could get in free agency.

Additions like standout defensive end Trey Flowers and slot receiver Danny Amendola come in with Patriots background.

The signing of tight end Jesse James also gives Detroit something it hasn’t had in years — a tight end who can hang on to the ball.

That should give quarterback Matthew Stafford the targets he needs. Stafford is in his 11th season in Motown and needs to start winning big games (he’s something like 67-70 in his career).

The defense is solid enough, led by cornerback Darius Slay, who could get help in the draft. Maybe even a Greedy Williams from LSU.

The Lions will also play a last-place schedule 2019, always a good recipe for a winning season.

What players each team picks in the draft could well decide what place they finish in this year.


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