Is there room for one more miracle?

The St. Louis Blues and Toronto Raptors have already shown that miracles can occur in the world of professional sports.

In this most improbable of years, the Blues stunned all in the hockey world by defeating the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. And their first-ever cup came it in Boston …. of all places.

The Raptors defeated the unbeatable Golden State Warriors for their first NBA title, even though a series of Golden State injuries contributed to that feat.

So now it is being tossed around in some circles that perhaps the Cleveland Browns or Detroit Lions can win a Super Bowl this coming season.

It’s a rather outrageous thought, given that Browns and Lions, have never so much as qualified, for the most prestigious goal of the National Football League.

The odds are astronomical for a meeting of these loveable losers in the postseason.

But you have to remember that both teams tasted success when the NFL was back in the days of leather helmets and mostly slow white guys.

Let’s look at the Browns for a start.

Cleveland has come a long way from it’s winless season of a few years ago.

They have a young and exciting team, led by brash quarterback Baker Mayfield, who reminds a lot of people of Drew Brees, the future Hall of Famer in New Orleans.

Cleveland has also invested a lot of bucks in shoring up their defense.

But the feeling of some of the so-called “experts” is that the Browns are a year or so away from being a top ten team in the league.

The Lions are another case, altogether.

They’ve been picked by many to finish last in the NFC North. One has predicted just a four-win season in Motown.

But I think that coach Matt Patricia has begun rebuilding the team in the way of his mentor Bill Belichick has done in New England.

For one thing, the Lions are already a better defensive team than they were a season ago. The addition of linebacker Trey Flowers will bolster a defense that was improving late last season.

And help for quarterback Matthew Stafford was assured when free agent tight end Jesse James and T.J. Hockenson (picked in the college draft) signed.

This is a put up or shut up season for Stafford, who never has had adequate receiving help at TE. His gaudy stats have to mean something for a change.

The Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers and

Chicago Bears are rated ahead of Detroit.

But I don’t think that Kirk Cousins of the Vikings is good enough to win the big games.

The Packers, despite having superstar Aaron Rodgers, have some holes to fill under a new coach. And the Bears face the same situation and have to live up to the always lofty expectations in the Windy City.

Whether it can happen is anyone’s guess, but don’t expect me to put any money on it ….